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Born and raised in Ohio farm country, Carol moved to California at the age of eighteen and kept going…going to places she read about as a child and places she had only dreamed about. As the wife of a career Marine Aviator, she found herself moving constantly, living in and traveling to seven countries and thirty-nine states before settling in Texas. Along the way she sat down at the kitchen table to write short stories and poetry, touching on the lives of those she met during her travels, the odd and fascinating sorts and the interesting and adventurous who crossed her path. She wrote about friends, family, and herself, being a woman, mother, and business owner, touching on the zany-fun and humorous incidents of life. She included failures, losses, and heartbreaking experiences, as well as the odd, unique mishaps she, family and friends experienced.

Carol wrote incessantly in journals, sharing her stories and poems on how she and the women around her survived the insanely, trying life of womanhood, publishing them in magazines and newspapers over the years. She would travel half way around the world before settling down to publish her humorous stories and poems in books.


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