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John James Lynn has had a keen interest in science and the weather since childhood. Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the night of a severe snowstorm, his family moved to Mesa, Arizona during his elementary school years. The climate of the desert valley increased his interest in observing weather. He gained an appreciation for the beauty and mystery of the desert sky and the clouds, and later began his training to become a meteorologist at the University of Oklahoma and San Jose State University. Some of his experiences as a meteorologist include the calibration of weather instruments atop the platform near the apex of the Sutro Tower on the south side of the San Francisco hills. He encountered many new vistas in his line of work, and more importantly, met many new people who would later serve as inspiration for creating his own characters when he began a second career writing fiction. John Lynn currently resides in Houston, Texas, where he continues to observe the weather phenomena of the U.S. Gulf Coast. He is a member of the Texas Writers’ League. Works by John J. Lynn include Sutro, Standing Room Only, For Posterity: an illustrated ensemble of short stories, and most recently, El Camino Real.


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