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Award-winning author Kip Koelsch got his start writing "books" with crayons in Mrs. Cook's second grade class in Leonardo, NJ. Koelsch's love of dolphins started early as well--nurtured by The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau, National Geographic Magazine and the family's trips to the beach at Anna Maria Island, Florida.

In all of his writing, Koelsch draws on his "variety of life experiences"--from time as a collegiate rowing coach to a stint as an adjunct professor in Environmental Studies and from adventure racing in Borneo to dragging a dolphin carcass behind his kayak while a marine mammal stranding network volunteer.

An on-again, off-again freelance magazine writer, Koelsch currently blogs about writing, critical thinking, outdoor adventure sports, paddling and his work in progress. He has just published the sequel to Wendall's Lullaby--Delphys Rising-- and is now working on a fiction project in the Historical Fiction/Alternate Fiction genre. Koelsch has an undergraduate degree in Journalism and Mass Media from Rutgers University in NJ and a Master's Degree in Humanities and American Studies from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Currently, Koelsch resides in Dunedin, FL, with his wife and three cats.