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Linda Hanna Lloyd is recognized by Continental Who’s Who as a Pinnacle Professional Member in the field of Publishing in recognition of her role as an Author.

A trailblazing revolutionary author, Linda Hanna Lloyd wrote the captivating The Syrian Peddler, a historical fiction novel which is now available as an audiobook. The piano music between Chapters on the audiobook is also composed and performed by Mrs. Lloyd herself. Linda Hanna Lloyd is well-regarded for her exceptional contributions to the publishing field.

Throughout the duration of her career, Mrs. Lloyd has become well versed in handling matters with regards to public health, education and literacy counseling. Mrs. Lloyd’s career began as a professor of Health Education at Howard Community College for 11 years, worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services where she served as a Health Literacy Expert for the Health Resources and Services Agency, and as an Associate with Health Literacy Innovations. In addition to Mrs. Lloyd’s role as an author, she has been a producer and host of the Howard County Maryland Cable Eight Health Forum series, and a winner of several national awards. Early in her career, Mrs. Lloyd attended Carlow College, where she studied Liberal Arts and Sciences. Thereafter, Mrs. Lloyd went onto attain her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania, followed by a Master of Education degree in Health Science from Pennsylvania State University. To further advance her professional career, Mrs. Lloyd is a distinguished fellow of several elite organizations including the Texas Writers League and the National Association of Professional Women. Benevolent to various organizations, Mrs. Lloyd is an avid volunteer of the People’s Community Clinic and also participates in Austin Chamber Music Workshops. When she is not working, Mrs. Lloyd enjoys writing, traveling, and playing piano. In recognition of her professional triumphs in the industry, Mrs. Lloyd’s poetry has won two awards from the Institute of Creative Research, she was recognized by The Secretary of the US Department of Health and Human Services for outstanding service, and also received a International Community College Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Texas Institute for Staff Development. In looking to the future, Mrs. Lloyd hopes to write a sequel to The Syrian Peddler. Mrs. Lloyd dedicates this recognition to the loving memory of her father, Louis Franklin Hanna.