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Luisa R. Cantu, author of Dancing with the Night, Mom Can I Have My Long Hair Back, and Wow My Little Bitty Baby! I earned my Bachelor's of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and accomplished twenty-three years as an Early Childhood Educator. The strong foundation and inspiration toward writing are the memorable experiences spent with students in Preschool Programs, Inclusion, Pre-kindergargten, and Head Start Classrooms. I was born in Rio Grande Valley in Elsa, Texas. I"m a retired military wife who lives in the San Antonio, Texas area. I highly value education and heartily continue teaching in public schools. I enjoy reading magazines, novels, fantasy, journals, nonfiction, history, and other genres. Enthusiastically, I write, love to travel, and devote my time to family, especially my precious grandchildre . My deep passion is in entertaining and educating children all over the world.


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