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Patty York Raymond is a Multi-Award Winning Author and a native Texan. Her children’s picture books, Aspire/Aspirar, The ABCs to Ranching, It’s Too Windy and Hay Mucho Viento have received state, national and international acclaim. To her credit, Patty’s picture books have been acknowledged by The Texas Authors Association, The Big Book Awards, Purple Dragon Book Awards, Skipping Stones Honor Awards, International Book Awards, and from The International Latino Book Awards.

Patty is best known for writing children's picture books with rich language that incorporate music and movement and celebrate family and heritage. Parents love Patty's books because they are very relatable and their children are motivated to read and write. Teachers like that they can be used to complement their lessons and promote literacy skills across disciplines.

Patty enjoys working with children, families, and educators. For more information regarding Patty, her books, products and services go to



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